About Us

Phuket Thai is one of the best alternatives you can find outside Thailand to taste Thai cuisine's most authentic taste.

Our restaurant, specializing in all different Thai regions, offers dishes of the most traditional, aromatic, and flavorful Thai cuisine.

Besides, our freshly prepared dishes stand out for their ingredients imported from Thailand that can be adapted to any nutritional diet, including vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free diets.

We also present all our dishes in a modern and creative way, which, together with our friendly and elegant atmosphere, can give you one of the best culinary experiences of a Thai restaurant.

This is why Phuket Thai is becoming one of the few favorite destinations of those who appreciate and enjoy the best Thai cuisine in Madrid

Come and discover the most authentic and delicate Thai cuisine in Madrid.

We hope you enjoy your meal, just as we will enjoy serving you.

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Comiendo en Restaurante Phuket Thai
Platos de Comida Tailandesa


Ambient Music

Wheelchair access

Ideal for families

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